Monumental and Magnolious

One of a kind of Jadau Necklace

India has its own royal historical Importance. Stories revolving around the lives of kings and queens always conquer our minds and imagination. No doubt, the Indian history is one of those majestic histories which include long mesmerizing tales of the most brave and beautiful Indian queens of all time. Known for their bewitching beauty, effortless regal style and appealing worldly knowledge, they were master of their own minds and loved to live their life luxuriously and on their own terms. The queens' glorious necklaces all have fascinating stories to tell.


Royal queens were pampered a lot by their king husbands who loved to lavish their charming wives with dazzling jewellery. Being true to their royal status, they were always seen wearing alluring jewels gaining praise and attention among socialites.


Dance of Emeralds and Polki

"A mother queen passes on her beauty to her princess daughter."

Jewellery when passed on, becomes more beautiful.


A choker inspired from a 'Jharokha'

"Jharokha" has been a very important feature in Royal Rajasthan architecture. The exteriors of a jharokha are intricately carved with sculptures of flowers and stars. The ostentatious carvings represent the culture's need for display of wealth.

A royal enthusiast and amateur historian has quoted about a royal queen - "She loved her jewels and she knew how to capture attention. At a time when most indian women and maharanis were photographed with their heads demurely covered, she was often seen at the Waldorf Astoria or the Dorchester, her hair thrown back to show off Earrings and necklaces to the best effect."